onsdag 26 augusti 2015

Misc : Home improvement, office space!

The new work room have been completed for awhile, all electrics been re-installed inside the walls.
Earlier installation was surface mounted inside a plasted channel. Thumbs up for Schneider Electrics, love their Exxact series. Everything you need in the same design from network, knx to general power outlets. Can also be styled by using different frames. Been using these in 2 rooms and our bathroom as of now.

Behind the computer, 2xCAT6 going to the patch panel in the bedroom.

I'll be writing more of Android soon, trying to catch up with 5.0 now when 6.0 is almost released. : )
Finally bought a new phone so i can see all the Material Design in action on a physical device.

One app updated with the new design guidelines and plenty of work left on Colorful Budget.

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