onsdag 20 november 2013

Android : What does your dev. station look like ?

Currently renovating my new 'computer room'.

Just need to do the electrical bit and then done. 2xCAT-6 for whatever reasons. Room will probably become a baby room in the distant future.
Enough about that, my current setup looks like this

Computer build to be silent, the monitor needs to be updated with two new ones someday, like to see if it you gain some effectiveness. Must be nice to see the code while your reading up on something. Included a picture of my Berserk collection, #37 finally on the way! Hopefully Kentaro Miura can finish it, no end in sight and one volume a year.

On to the software side.

  •  IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 - I keep nagging about IDEA but it's my favorite IDE for Android, i tried Android Studio when it got released but need to wait until it gets a bit more mature.
  • Notepad++ - Switched over from regular Notepad because it doesn't understand the LF char. The config files included in Android tend to only have that.
  • Take Command - If you've used 4DOS/4NT in the old days this is it. Nice to have tab autocompletion in the command prompt, easily scriptable. Mostly started when i'm using 'adb shell', 
  • Spotify - Music in the background, when typing this, 'Of Monsters and Men'.

That's the programs i use to for my Android development. (Android SDK i didn't count) You might notice there's no external source control, i backup and date my project directory and use the local history in the IDE. Gonna start using one though, tips ? Tips for other big or small utility applications are welcome!

http://www.glitchthegame.com/ is all over the news, they've released all their game assets as public domain. Never heard of the game earlier but that's a really nice gesture, that's some nice art to start from or use.
I have a feeling their art will pop up in some form in more than a few games, which i guess is the case based on their headline, Glitch is Dead, Long Live Glitch!

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