fredag 21 december 2012

Android : IntelliJ IDEA 12 released!

Wow ! Finally a built-in dark UI for my favorite IDE and also a pretty extensive GUI editor for the XML layout.

Still prefer to do it the 'manual way' through XML, more control and feels kinda clunky to drag them to the correct place with the layout attributes i want, but it's a nice addition and you can quickly see the properties of each layout item. It auto-completes in xml editing mode but sometimes my mind doesn't work as i want it to, i.e i forget what i'm looking for :) Preview mode has alot of options where you can configure screensizes, Android version and themes, it's also available when typing manually.
Easily compile directly from the IDE, including signing and obfuscation with Proguard, Logcat is incorporated for easy access. Rest of the external tools is available from the toolbar.

Run configurations:

The IDE feels alot more intelligent than Eclipse. Codecompletion, imports, refactoring and the UI.
Best thing for me is their new sleek 'Darcula' theme as they aptly name it. Soothing for the eyes!

Check out for more information, and best of all they have a free Community Edition to play with! Eclipse users, give it a shot! : )

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